Melting Pan

Hmm.. I push the links but they are not working.. Oh! I get it now! The business is coming soon.. be quick I'm hungry!


- Imaginary Customer # 2

One of the experiences of food you prepare is you enjoy the journey of smell, from the moment the first bit of butter melts in the pan, to the moment the food is ready. Curious about what we are planning to do? :)

Before the age of the internet, people used food to connect to each other, they'd have nice picnics, lunches, dinners and have fun! Here's what we're thinking: Why not have the best of both worlds? 

What our customers are saying . . . 

Oh! Right, we don't have any customers yet :) This website will be coming soon and it will be so good!


-Imaginary Customer #1

What are we thinking about?